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Top Truck Driving Jobs

Since 1998, Keystone Diesel in Butler, Pennsylvania, has helped thousands of graduates get jobs at major transportation companies nationwide. Our placement specialist will guide you through the application process and follow your progress to ensure you find the opportunities you are looking for.

Entry-Level Opportunities

When you graduate as an entry-level truck driver from Keystone Diesel Institute, the career possibilities are very exciting. Think about it, almost everything that we eat, wear, or use is transported by a tractor-trailer. Our country’s economy depends on drivers in the transportation industry.

Over the Road

Enjoy the thrill of traveling and meeting new people with over the road trucking. You can run all 48 continental states and be on the road as long as you like. You will see things most people only dream of.

Trucks - Truck Driving Jobs


Balance freedom of the road with your time at home when you are a regional trucker. Regional trucking allows you to work within a specific region that will normally get you home on weekends and occasionally even weekdays.


If you're interested in a more traditional work schedule, consider seeking employment as a local truck driver. Local drivers maintain a work schedule that gets them home every night.

Contact us to get in touch with several of the best transportation companies in the industry and learn about their open truck driving jobs.